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We all share the same planet.

Let's create fairness through awareness by thinking things through.

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Earthlings United is a platform for creative free thinking. We want to co-create fairness through awareness by thinking things through in fields like education, food, healthcare, housing, transportation, infrastructure, and travel, just to name a few. We invite you to address each field individually and as a whole - applying everything you discover to your daily amazing life step by step.

After living on the island of Hawai’i for a couple of years, Earthlings United founders Markus Fahrenberger and Laura Markham discovered that this place is a wonderful example for our entire planet. We are facing the same problems as well as the same possibilities in each and every community, city, and country around the world. Enjoy our blog, join us for interviews, discussion groups, livestreams and more. Let's do it!

Let’s initiate the shift from a discriminating money-based pyramid-shaped fragmented system to an emancipated appreciation-based sphere-shaped global community.
— Markus Fahrenberger

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Set Yourselves ambitious long-term goals paired with inspiring daily actions.

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Creative free thinking creates new land for dreams to come To FRUITION.


Let's Do It

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